Waste management tender

Waste management tender

Project duration : 6 months

This client is a large retailer, the second largest in France and the fourth largest in the world.

Challenges and opportunities

Cost control and optimization, process simplification and national data centralization. The client wanted to be supported on several key aspects. The challenges for JICAP were numerous. First, we had to simplify the waste register, optimize purchasing costs by reviewing invoicing, review the waste purchasing strategy and implement a one-stop shop for waste management. 

The client’s contracts had expired and were without any guidance from the technical management and indirect purchasing teams. Governance was unstructured with siloed management by store. The analysis of the accounting process for the recovery of materials (cardboard & plastic) revealed important flaws with material recovery vouchers not followed up on and consequently not re-invoiced with a consequent loss of revenue (10% of the total base).


A target process to solve the problems identified during the diagnostic phase.

Formalization of a waste strategy.


25% savings on an addressable perimeter of nearly €23M.

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