Outsourcing of the waste management function

Outsourcing of the waste management function

Duration : 3 years

This corporation is the largest fast food chain in the world. The company is a multinational with more than 30,000 fast food franchises in 121 countries. This chain is present in the world’s largest metropolises

Challenges and opportunities

It was necessary to simplify the waste register through automated filling in from collection files. Another challenge was to optimize McDonald’s reporting towards an environmental management tool for monitoring/communication.
Finally, the other challenges were optimizing purchasing costs by reviewing invoicing, reviewing the waste purchasing strategy and implementing a single point of entry for waste management. 

Engaged for several years in a comprehensive CSR approach, the client wished to call upon JICAP to better control its waste process, with the ambition to maximize the volume of recycled waste.


Implementation of a centralized reporting tool

Simplification and automation of the waste register

Identification of optimization levers at national and site level


2% savings nationally on €30M in the scope

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