Operational Excellence Project

Operational excellence project in the field of pharmaceutical distribution

Duration :4 waves of 2 and a half months

This group, a leader in healthcare logistics, ensures the distribution of products to client pharmacies. With a national dimension, the establishment ensures the management of slow-moving and non-referenced products.

Challenges and opportunities

Identifying areas of operational productivity improvement on preparation operations, optimizing « last mile » delivery, implementing operational KPIs to track operational performance, and resorting to temporary staffing were challenges for JICAP.

The client needed to improve the level of financial profitability, with a desire to address the most significant cost items.


Optimization of the logistic and transport organization, leading to a gain of 5% of the total expenses.

Operational support for the implementation of the identified levers.


Gains achieved in line with the trajectory defined during the diagnostic phase.

Provision of field optimization tools.

Support for the implementation of a central control tower for logistics and transport performance.

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