Purchasing operating model

Performance plan followed by a transformation of the model by the creation of a purchasing operating model

Project Duration : 18 months

French digital distribution platform dedicated to music streaming. This Company’s field of action is international (16 countries in Europe, the Americas and Asia)

Challenges and opportunities

The complex marketing and infrastructure purchases with multiple players and the unpredictable and uncontrollable expenses due to the lack of category strategies, posed several challenges.

First, a purchasing function and e-procurement culture had to be established. Then the fixing of outdated S2P tools with limited automation.

As part of a strategic plan to streamline strategic purchasing, the CFO commissioned JICAP to assess the current operating model. This assessment revealed several savings opportunities and a clear need to create a purchasing function. The goal was to work with the client to gain a clear view of their spend and then develop a performance plan to address key categories through interviews and a quick but efficient approval process.


Group-wide e-procurement tool implemented in 1 year

Mitigated legal and financial risks

Regulatory compliance, including SAPIN2


10% savings achieved

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