Working at JICAP

Working at JICAP means joining a team on a human scale, agile and ambitious, but above all committed to its customers. Each employee has access to numerous innovative and forward-looking projects, so that sharing expertise rhymes with performance, while ensuring the development of everyone’s skills.

Corporate life

Our employee’s testimony

I chose consulting in order to discover different sectors, to be able to confront situations that are diverse and complex, and especially to improve my skills, my knowledge and... Read more...
What I like about JICAP is above all, the sharing of skills and know-how between consultants, managers and directors. The atmosphere is very good, especially due to the size of the firm... Read more...
I joined JICAP as a project manager. My role is to accompany the customers to carry out the projects they have ordered from us. We must listen to the client, in order to satisfy their request, answer their needs... Read more...
Since I arrived, I have worked mainly with three clients. First, I worked for French company specialized in visual effects and graphic animation for the entertainment industry, on a rather sprawling mission with a digital... Read More...

Our values


To ensure the excellence of our interventions through our expertise, our rigor, and the respect of our common commitments.


Share our passion for the world of purchasing by implementing the best practices of the market and therefore, benefitting from our ecosystem.


To undertake and initiate new ways of thinking and doing, to develop our companies and our intellectual capital.


Guarantee an intervention that allows you to develop a realistic ambition and benefit from a robust operational implementation.


Bring a clear and shared vision by making you benefit from our expertise in terms of project management, business and purchasing as well as in change management.

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