Interview Ingrid

Ingrid Ulivieri

Senior Manager

I discovered this profession through a previous experience, when I started working in a big firm. I found this environment very interesting for several reasons, including the multitude of different projects, versatility and the possibility to evolve on different points.  

What is your role at JICAP?

I joined JICAP as a project manager. My role is to accompany the customers to carry out the projects they have ordered from us. We must listen to the client, in order to satisfy their request, answer their needs, ask the right questions, and help them think in the right way to help them grow.

Can you talk about your missions and the context in which you work at JICAP?

My missions have been very varied. This is one of the strengths of JICAP. My first mission was to work for Deezer, who had no purchasing structure in place. I had to help them set up their purchasing department, put in place the processes, the company organization, and analyze their expenses…

I was able to help clients like Deezer, who did not have a purchasing department, but also clients with one already structured. In this case, we had to diagnose their state of maturity and then help them transform or train. 

I then worked on setting up performance plans, with the expertise I had developed in the past.  

What were your resources?

In terms of resources, on a logistic company mission, I worked with a team of consultants, experts and a partner for the data. It was a big project because I was responsible for it. We were able to set up digital tools for the client, in order to stay in an international dimension. 

What do you think of life at JICAP?

I like the fact that JICAP is a human-sized company. Everyone knows each other and there is a very good atmosphere. The client portfolio is international, something I was looking for and did not want to lose. The missions are also very diverse, which is very rewarding.  

What characteristics do you think are necessary to join JICAP?

I would like to answer in terms of soft skills because hard skills can be acquired, and I would tend to look for a personality rather than a set of hard skills. I think it is necessary to have common values with JICAP, to be able to blossom. You also need to have values of mutual aid, an entrepreneurial side, to be able to adapt to a changing environment and trust yourself. 

In terms of skills, I would say to be a good listener, to be curious in order to be able to increase your skills quickly and to be adaptable. 

I think that having very different profiles within JICAP is enriching for everyone. Here, everyone has a place and brings their own approach, ideas and different backgrounds.

What are your next challenges?

I would like to grow the firm’s offers, extend it to CSR and sustainable procurement. Then, I would like to grow the team and develop the skills of the newcomers. 

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