Setting up a donation collection system

Prepare and execute a request for proposals to replace the current donation collection system

Duration : 4 months

Since 1987, this association was organizing a charity event to fund research on neuromuscular genetic diseases.

Challenges and opportunities

JICAP had to perform the necessary due diligence and provide a realistic and structured response in less than 48 hours, with deadlines that could not be missed and no fallback options because the previous vendor was discontinuing its services at the end of the year.

The association turned to JICAP because of an emergency related to its internal purchasing function. Unanticipated changes in key stakeholders during a complex bidding process impacted the end-to-end donation collection process.


We leveraged our intervention to create an internal data processing algorithm, specific to the "donation collection" process within a timeframe of less than 48 hours.


10% price reduction to address scope alignment.

2-5% savings from negotiations

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