Transformation program in 27 countries

Transformation program to implement a new target operating model for the entire group in 27 countries

Project duration : 2 years

Decentralized organization with independent local entities undergoing restructuring. This project is the first major transformation project since the largest acquisition in the company’s history. This company has an international scope of action (more than 30 countries in Europe, America and Asia).

Challenges and opportunities

The challenges for JICAP have been numerous. First, there was the will to create a common ambition with 6 key entities; then to design a basic, simple model from the processes. Then, the team had to be balanced geographically to support the business and IT. Finally, involve the vendors and integrate the software.

As part of a strategic plan to double revenue to over €3 billion, the client acquired 8 companies to develop business, synergies and ensure convergence. These acquisitions were made without any standardization, which led to the simultaneous use of several operating models.

Previous transformation projects were unsuccessful due to process complexity and lack of alignment between the business and local entities.


Core model deployed in 12 months for 6 key countries.

Stakeholder satisfaction at corporate and local levels.

Project approach used as a framework for Finance and Human Resources transformation programs.


2.5% recurring savings after 3 years.

Break-even is achieved by the end of the second year, with a 12.1 return on investment by the fifth year.

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