Risk management process and tool

Implementation of a risk management process and tool for an international technology leader

Project duration : 9 months

This French company specializes in the design and manufacture of video and visual effects systems for media professionals. It is present in three strategic business areas: « service entertainment », « connected home » and « technology ». The company is the world’s leading manufacturer of DVDs and Blu-rays and the second largest patent filer in France. It employs 14,000 people worldwide

Challenges and opportunities

The first challenge for JICAP was to make the onboarding process concrete and pragmatic, then to support the implementation of the risk management solution. Finally, we had to help the category managers define the mitigation strategies by identifying the levers, writing the action plan and facilitating the follow up of the action plan.

The client’s overall objective was to formalize and simplify supplier onboarding by including the risk management approach.


9000 suppliers pre-assessed

130 suppliers evaluated

4 customized processes

100 management rules to facilitate the definition of the action plan

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