Risk awareness and training

Review procurement policies from the perspective of procurement risk management

Duration : 9 months

A cooperative of French public hospital purchasers, in close collaboration with its supplier companies, with an innovative approach to purchasing, this organization was created in 2005 by the hospitaliers themselves (32 university hospitals and 20 hospitals). The aim was to pool their purchasing, expertise and skills to improve economic performance, time and quality. In 2022, 1153 hospitals have joined the cooperative.

Challenges and opportunities

The necessary training-action has 3 objectives: first, integrate the new situation of hospital purchasing, second, acquire skills and a common culture, and third,  guarantee the sustainability of risk management in our businesses and in the purchasing process.

This cooperative needed to raise awareness and train all stakeholders on how to take risks into account in purchasing strategies. Several sessions were conducted to understand risk-based management, identify, classify and forecast coverage scenarios.


48 buyers trained in the risk management method

222 purchasing policies revised to integrate risk

1 common process to assess the frequency and impact of risks

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