International supplier evaluation

Provision of a solution allowing the evaluation of French and international suppliers

Project duration : 12 months

This French company operates mainly as a postal services operator, bank, insurance company, cell phone operator, digital services provider and business solutions provider. It is also present in 63 countries and on 5 continents. Its proximity is embodied on a daily basis by the 160 professions carried out by its 245,000 employees.

Challenges and opportunities

The first challenge was to create a system adapted to the stakes in terms of risks, then to simplify the buyer-supplier relationship, and to have a solution that is easy to use by actors whose job is not compliance.

The client’s need was threefold. First, they turned to JICAP because they wanted to have a risk map (country and industry), a centralized solution to evaluate suppliers, and the ability to conduct additional supplier surveys and audits.


50,000 suppliers integrated into the platform

60 internal contributors to the project

Unique consortium of 5 suppliers

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