Interview Kimberley

Morgane Bonnet


I joined JICAP in November 2021 as a Senior Consultant, and recently learned that I was promoted to Manager.

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Why did you choose to work in the consulting industry?

In my opinion, consulting brings a variety of missions, clients, expertise and allows, especially in small structures, to leave one’s comfort zone. Indeed, we are constantly confronted with a new client context and different issues.

I also tend to get bored, and consulting allows me to never fall into a routine. Having to understand the core of the problem, the possible issues that even the client themselves has not identified and then trying to build solutions with them, is a very rewarding activity.

Can you tell us a little more about yourself and your role as a manager at JICAP?

Since I arrived, I have worked mainly with three clients.

First, I worked for French company specialized in visual effects and graphic animation for the entertainment industry, on a rather sprawling mission with a digital aspect, an information system and then a more organizational aspect with the implementation of a governance.

I then worked on a multi-faceted mission at a French construction and concessions group. We set up a marketplace for construction products with low-carbon virtues.

Finally, an assignment at a French company specialized in the manufacture and distribution of wines and spirits, where we helped them choose and implement a spend analysis solution.

I also have internal contributions within the firm, at different levels.

What was your biggest project and why?

I think the French construction and concessions group’s projet is my biggest assignment at JICAP. It’s the largest client with the largest number of contractors that I have had to coordinate.

We accompanied the team in the scoping phase and determined how they wanted to position themselves.

Now, we are beginning the design phase of the marketplace. Within the project team, for example, I am responsible for coordinating and developing the digital aspects for Kimberley, a senior consultant who is working with me on the project. I also must make sure that everyone has the right level of information and that we manage to follow the alert schedule.

What are the advantages of working in a small company?

My first experience in consulting was in a large company. After that, I have always worked in small consulting firms. I find it more interesting because it’s not as compartmentalized as it can be in big companies. It’s also easier to get your voice heard.

What are the skills you had to develop or are developing as a manager?

I think that, if you want to be a good manager, you must want to do it. You also need to understand that you must learn from everyone in both directions, and that the role of manager goes beyond just giving orders.

Micro-managing means setting objectives, making people understand the context, adapting to evolve with people as they are to help them progress. Above all, you must try to build the best way to function by taking into account people’s personality, because without this human dimension, you cannot manage. Indeed, you can’t make someone progress if you don’t understand what motivates them and what allows them to progress.

I also like the operational part of my job which is, for me, very important in a consulting firm. It’s a little different than when you’re on the job, because the teams and topics change faster than when you’re a permanent team.  The advantages are that the collaboration is shorter and you must find solutions faster. It also has disadvantages because you can’t settle down with a permanent way of working.

What do you like about JICAP?

First thing I can think of is the variety of profiles and personalities, because in small structures, in general, we tend to find lines of profile or personality because there is a lot of cooption.

I also find that for a firm of this size, JICAP is very well structured, in terms of processes, especially in human resources.  We also have a very good network and resources.

What qualities do you think are necessary to join JICAP?

I think that you must love challenges. You want to get involved, not to remain confined to your position and want to touch a little bit of everything. Finally, I think that you need to be autonomous and rigorous because of the size of the firm. 

What are your next challenges?

I would like to try to increase the skills of as many people as possible in project management and the digital aspect of the purchasing function. Then, I would like to continue to deliver the projects correctly of course.

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